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Hey there!! Here are the final proofs. I hope you LOVE them! You'll have 2 weeks to make your order before the gallery will go down. If at all possible, I would strive to place an order by April 9th, as I suspect things will get much busier for me in the next 20 days. I don't usually say this, but -- the sooner you order, the better. :)

The DVD of all of the final proofs is $1000 and comes with a print license that allows you to make prints of the photos. I always suggest people use for printing - they're great!

For 8x10 prints and smaller, the difference in quality between mpix and my pro lab is very negligible, and still leagues above what you'll find at Wal-Mart and Rite Aid.

A great local lab is Photo Production Services in South Charleston. If you'd prefer to walk in somewhere and have someone help you with your order in person, they are top notch. I'd recommend them for photos of all sizes, not just 8x10 and smaller.

If you don't want to mess with getting the prints yourself, you can order prints of all sizes here on this site. Along with standard archival prints, I also offer beautiful canvas enlargements that come ready to hang.

Coffee table albums are also a great option! They are: $400 for a 10x10, $275 for an 8x8, and $150 for a 5x5.

You can order prints through this online gallery, but if you want a DVD or any albums, just order those through me directly via email -